A memorial plaza was proposed for Exeter Hospital, commemorating the original nursing school, whose alumni remain a dedicated contributor group. (At one time, large hospitals maintained their own nurse training schools, now universally the province of colleges and universities.) As the approaches to the hospital are blind, i.e., unbranded and unmarked along access roads of several hundred feet after passing a single sign at one of the hospitals two entrances, this solution is designed to mark both the new main entrance as well as memorialize this important constituent group. The sign would be visible the entire length of the entrance road. The memorial is comprised of images and artifacts from the original facility and nursing school.

Seattle-based Boeing Employees Credit Union was beginning a change of charter, from an employees credit union to a 'public' credit union operating under the name BECU.

The branch network was expanding from their mostly in-plant locations to a backbone of supermarket in-store branches, of which a prototype had already been built. The challenge was to move the brand from standard-fare manufacturing drab to something with retail sizzle. This branding regime extended to their operations center, and then to a series of 'express build' branches, and custom storefronts.


  • Headquarters Exterior and Interior
  • In-store Headers plus select supermarket exteriors
  • Storefront exterior and interior
  • Select location brand towers
  • Wall treatments and fixture components



Over the years, we have developed numerous signage concepts. These are all designed to convert a client's brand documents and standards into a commanding environmental statement, often using simple, large areas of color, graphics and structural elements to make the brand or message stand out in cluttered environments. (Trees, leaves, competing business, nearby businesses, lightpoles.... this visual noise can quickly bury a message that attempts to do too much.) We extend the treatment to include wayfinding components for customers traversing a campus or store. Many involve a longstanding and fruitful collaboration with industrial designer Allan Amioka.