web portal development

This design prototype is a proposed replacement of an established news portal now living on borrowed time - the old (currently published) version is running in a CMS abandoned by the developer in a deprecated, insecure version of PHP. Attention must be paid. Though the usual panoply of lookalike wordpress themes have been contemplated by the client, this custom design can be used in any number of frameworks (including, but not limited to, wordpress). But this will not be a look-alike website - it is a custom build of their recently evolved brand. Because the final will be a portal requiring a high degree of automation maintained by a small content team - and will scale to enormous size - we are building a crafted (not cookie-cutter) public front end to achieve those goals.

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 lvt home ipad 1800x981

web development

This entry would have appeared a long time ago had the project not initially flamed out in 2014. At the time, their chosen platform (ahem) could not, for their budget, remotely meet their specific technological needs, though a different platform could (as demonstrated repeatedly in proof of concept staging sites). The client first paused the project, then their business model changed entirely. One recent afternoon the phone lit up with a caller ID from the +52 country code - the client inquiring about a restart. Here is the result, their needs now fully the platform they initially wanted to use.



website and event branding

Website for a popular annual ethnic festival held in New Britain CT every spring (barring pandemic interruptions). A carnival of food, music, dance, pageantry, fun, and more food.



Lpf 22 macbook


LPF 2022 XS A52 CLN




full-service branding - ecommerce website, facebook store, brand identity, packaging, merchandising displays, labeling, vehicle graphics, and more.
Tech talk (tl;dr): this e-store is a highly versatile light-weight website featuring front-page purchasing and one-screen checkout (designed to speed mobile transactions), direct connection to UPS and Fedex APIs for unique contract rates, and multiple templates to differentiate blogs, landing pages, etc. Though built for a small web store, this is not the 'usual' garden variety storefront - this is a fully capable cart than can scale to enterprise level requirements.




website template

The Historic Brass Society is a professional and academic organization dedicated to historically-informed performance on brass instruments - going all the way back to when today's 'brass' instruments might well have been made from wood, with names like serpent and sackbut. It was a unique pleasure to work with the technically literate professionals who expand and maintain the content of this site. It is said that musicians make the best coders, and if this organization is an indication, we concur. Integrations: Membership and event management, payment processing, MailChimp, advanced ACL.

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