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From the principal of designPhase3: "For a while I was fortunate enough to join Bartley Associates, a marketing firm in Portland Maine - and with the company principal and a small staff, we went on a tear, winning several regional, industry, and trade awards for design, print production, and creativity, as did our associated printers, photographers, illustrators, and (in those days) engravers. Developing the company's self-promotional piece was a joy because it involved all of us, and every single word we wrote was true. The Tools of Persuasive Communication chose as its visual metaphor a variety of tools used in different contexts, and as the title suggests, we used whatever tools the job required whether the format was print, electronic, or media communications. We benefitted from our collaboration with an exceptionally talented photographer, Stretch Tuemmler. These are full page photos that appeared opposite conversational, non-jargony language describing our work."






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