repeal the casino deal

repeal the casino deal


Repeal the Casino Deal won the SEO campaign but, alas, did not win the political campaign. The casino business, after all, is built on the lure of free money and the promise of jobs and who would vote against that combination? (Well we would, but we are aware of the very-hard-to-digest facts - see Atlantic City; hollow promises are hard to convince people of in advance.) But we digress: this campaign consistently placed first on page one of search engine results pages with organic search terms, ahead of their well-subscribed facebook page, and the news media! We worked closely with Melwood Global Partners, a communications consultant highly focused on providing a non-ideological, information based resource to help voters make up their minds. The site was extremely busy from day one, raising funds, collecting newsletter subscribers, recruiting volunteers, and providing news and research to the voting public.

Site features: The site integrated contact forms with back end email and payment (donation) applications, and delivered a curated collection of streaming media. The home page utitlized a one-page parallax scrolling effect, in effect making the entire front page a visual navigation panel, with multiple subpage templates. A double menu was used - with a concise menu placed at the very top to allow direct access to the news areas of the site.


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