wilmington trust


On Christmas eve, when working at Newground, we took a phone call from Wilmington Trust. The first prototype of a Future Brand office was about to open in Pike Creek DE, and a brand compliant graphics program needed to be in place on January 2. The problem was, no one knew what such a program was supposed to look like.... all that existed was a 2" thick spiral-bound brand strategy document, a few uncollated graphic requirements, and no thought as to implementing a retail graphics program. This is what it now looks like.

The program centers around 22x28 units, sometimes presented singly, or in clusters. No matter which configuration is used, all the brand elements are present. The principal components are cable mounted, and the program includes a full line of fixtures, designed by Allan Amioka. The fixtures are epecially important in retrofitting existing branches with the new program. The non 22x28 formats included banners, signage, brochures, media screens, stuffers, and the usual unforseaable panoply of incidental needs. All tightly branded.

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