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This website aggregates Recipes, Restaurants, Stores, Articles, and Events related to the coast-to-coast Polish-American community. The Restaurants and Stores feature geolocation, so searching for one of these venues will bring up those that are closest to you, and pin them on a map. This is particularly useful on mobile devices. This is built over a powerful CMS system for ease of client self-service production and readily accessible help files and documentation. The features are powered via APIs to multiple components. designPhase3 handled the framework and site production; creative concept by This view is a beta. Contact us for a link to the staging site with this version. UPDATE: Just as this project was bout to launch, the Covid-19 lockdowns began, and nearly half the restaurants included in this round disappeared or were reformulated as something outside this category. All was not lost, as the model was successfully deployed in two small geographic regions for lto support local fooderies that were wreduced to takeout and delivery.

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