Gusto's is an early entry of the food truck surge into Maine. Surrounded as they were at the time by popular Old Orchard Beach eateries, the owner was looking to improve walk-up foot traffic. After a program of on-site and on-truck merchandising aimed at long-range visual acquisition (banner), mid range location (sidewalk signage), and making the offerings easy to identify and order (on-truck menuboard and signage), the client reports that "sales literally doubled." The website was then crafted as a mobile-priority website with live social media feed - which became critically important when the operation moved to Portland and went full nomad - with an occasional shopping cart for specials. On larger devices, the home page is a one-page design with parallax background images. As with any retail operation, a steady stream of merchandising support by way of posters, banners, sidewalk signs, menuboard, literature, coupons, and decals (to mention a few) increased visibility and reinforced visual cues for customers. And did we say, we recommend the chicken bacon ranch? UPDATE: This business was recently sold and is operating under new management and a different name.