larhette manin


Having taken on a major new partner - and future CEO - the sudden expansion of the client firm's scale of services warranted an all-new brand and identity program.

Once the brand identity was established, a comprehensive creative program for the rollout was developed. The new partner onboarded was an expert in flexible benefits, and now paired with the proven service administration of the predecessor firm, to goal was to convey that the depth of service was going to be extended (not reduced). The concept revolved around the idea of a child's gameboard spinner: thus the chess-like complexity of administering a flexible benefits program would be (from the client's perspective) as simple as a child's game.

On the website, the spinner was a functioning navigational menu, each node leading to a landing page.

The print collateral program included an actual game piece, a rulebook showing the 'simplied' rules of this once complex game, an insert introducing the new partner, and a comprehensive brochure introducing each of the main concepts of the firm's approach to flexible benefits. The new partner was a published author and expert in the field, and the content was extracted and excerpted entirely from the author's own published work.